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Android: Some synchronized tracks are missing / fail to copy
Updated by Russell Samuels on Mar 16, 2017

When syncing to a device, there are a couple of reasons why some tracks may fail to copy and the number of tracks may not match to the number of tracks in the main library:

  1. The connection may have been lost. Re-sync to sync the remaining tracks.
  2. No tracks are selected in the auto-sync list. By default no content is selected in the auto-sync list, so if you initiate a sync without selecting content in the sync list, you'll see a message that sync has completed, but no content will sync.
  3. Certain audio formats may not be supported on the device, and such tracks won't sync unless the sync profile is configured to auto-convert such tracks to a supported format. Verify sync auto-conversion settings to make sure that this isn't the case.
  4. In cases where sync auto-conversion is properly configured, there may be conversion problems due to either mmw's inability to play the source file (e.g. the file isn't accessible, is protected by DRM, or can't be played due to codec issues) or due to MMW's inability to convert the file due to a faulty encoder. If this occurs, you should receive an error re. the failed conversion, and it can usually be resolved by installing the missing codec.
  5. On some devices with incorrectly functioning MTP drivers, attempts to sync via USB may not correctly exchange information about the status of files and directories on the device with the PC. This can result in repeated failed attempts to copy files to the device. The workaround is to either:
    1. Reboot the device (this works in some cases) prior to syncing.
    2. Delete the problematic files and directories on the device using a tool such as Solid Explorer, and then reboot the device before syncing.
    3. install appropriate USB drivers to your PC and reboot the device and PC
      - Google USB driver for Android
      - OEM USB drivers for Android
    4. Use Wi-Fi Sync instead of USB synchronization.
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