Android: Device not recognized / USB Synchronization fails
Updated by Russell Samuels on Oct 15, 2019

MediaMonkey for Windows can sync files with pretty much any Android device via MTP (USB connections), but the following cases may result in problems:

  1. Windows / MediaMonkey for Windows does not recognize the device.  This can occur if:
    1. Your Android devices isn't configured to operate in MTP mode. If you're not sure:
      1. When you connect your device, most devices will show a notification prompting you to choose the connection mode (Charge only, MTP, USB Mass Storage).
      2. From the notification, change the connection mode to MTP.
    2. The MTP drivers on the device are frozen/inactive. In such cases:
      1. MediaMonkey will usually give you an error message to disconnect, reboot the device, and then reconnect.
      2. On some devices (this occurs often with cyanogenmod / lineage OS), even though the device is configured to connect in MTP mode, it fails to register as an MTP device with Windows. The solution is to switch to 'charging mode' and then back to 'mtp mode'. This is done either via a notification that appears when the device is connected OR via Settings > Developer Options > Select USB configuration > MTP (Media Transfer Protocol or Settings > Developer Options > Default USB Configuration > Transferring Files.
    3. Your Android device is locked. In some cases, access to the device will not be granted unless the device has been unlocked before connecting over USB.
    4. The sync profile exists in MediaMonkey for Windows, but is disabled. To resolve this, in MediaMonkey for Windows, go to Options > Portable Device Sync and verify that:
      1. There's not more than one sync profile per storage location (normally there should be one profile for the device's internal storage, and a second one for the SD card). If there are duplicates, determine which is the correct profile by comparing which profile has sync settings that match those in MMA, and then delete the duplicates.
      2. The appropriate sync profile(s) is enabled (and unused profiles disabled). For example if you only plan to sync to the SD card, make sure that profile is checked, and uncheck the profile for the device's internal memory.
  2. In some cases, USB synchronization will appear to be frozen (often displaying 'Removing old content' on the PC and not progressing in cases when tracks have been deleted from within MediaMonkey for Android or if tracks or playlists are deleted by the sync operation). It occurs due to faulty/incorrect MTP drivers. If this occurs:
    1. wait several minutes to see if the issue resolves itself
    2. reboot the device to reset the MTP drivers and try syncing again
    3. install appropriate USB drivers to your PC and reboot the device and PC
      - Google USB driver for Android
      - OEM USB drivers for Android
    4. if the issue persists, use Wi-Fi Sync instead.
  3. In some cases, changes made in either MMA or MMW won't sync if the changes are made soon after some other changes or soon after a sync operation. This can occur if the clocks of the PC running MMW and the clock of the device running MMA are not in sync. The solution is to set the PC and Device so that both have the same time.
  4. On some Android devices running Android 3 and up, content cannot be written if syncing to an external storage location such as an SD Card. To resolve this upgrade to MediaMonkey for Windows 4.1.9+ and MediaMonkey for Android 1.1.3+, and see below:
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