Adding Images to Forum Posts
Updated by Pavle Lacarac on Jan 31, 2019

To Add an image to your forum post you need to upload the image you want onto hosting service, e.g. Google Pictures, Flickr, Drop Box,... then:

  1. Click 'New Topic' to create a new post or 'reply' to an existing one
  2. Click on the 'Img' button. It will place the image brackets ("[img][/img]") at the cursor's position
  3. On your image hosting service's site, copy the image URL, usually by right clicking on the image and choosing that option
  4. Return to your post and paste the URL in between the image brackets like this "[img]your image url[/img]"
  5. Your image will display in the post. You can use preview to see if you entered image URL in between the image brackets corectly
  6. Submit the post

NOTE: some hosts like dropbox do not allow direct linking to image and in those posts link to images needs to be just copy/pasted as normal text.

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