MediaMonkey for Windows
Updated by Russell Samuels on Mar 28, 2019

MediaMonkey 4.1.23 has been released.  It is a bug fix release to 4.1.22 which included about 20 fixes. This adds a couple of fixes including resolution of an SQL error that may arise in some cases.

For details see:

You can download it from:
File Size: 16,239,744B
SHA-256: deb68a7c93de27671bc668e25b7ed687b088ffd5d437653e6512eff2cf9e6fba

Debug build is at:
File Size: 19,767,928B
SHA-256: eba57e3a7b72bf9bdc34cc1a4a7903efbbf4fa330c38ecc0d590086692140dc6

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