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Some Tracks Don't Scan into the Library
Updated by Russell Samuels on Nov 13, 2014

There are a couple of situations in which tracks may not scan into the library:

  1. MediaMonkey only scans formats that it supports AND that have been enabled for scanning. If you are trying to scan, for example, .shn files, MediaMonkey will not find them by default. To fix this you need to first install an input plugin for the format in question (if needed), and then check off the format in the Add Folders dialog so that it is scanned.
  2. If MediaMonkey's Virtual CD or Previews directory is configured to use a folder that is within the Path that is normally scanned (e.g. if your Music is in /My Music and your Virtual CD is configured to be saved to /My Music/Virtual CD/) then MediaMonkey scanning operations will not function correctly. The fix is to set the Virtual CD / Previews directories to a path that isn't scanned.
  3. Some NAS devices (notably Infrant hardware) seem to stall and/or fail to scan some files due to network-related issues. In such cases, setting the device's TCP MTU to 1492 and disabling jumbo frames on the device may solve the problem.
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