Why are files missing from the Library?

After scanning your hard drive, you might face the situation in which some files don’t appear in your library. This can occur for a number of reasons:

  1. The files didn’t scan into the library. This can be a configuration issue or an issue with the files.
  2. The files are in the library, but in a different Collection. To find them:
    – Initiate a global search (CTRL-F or the search button in the upper-right corner)
    – Browse the ‘Entire Library’ Collection. You can enable it via Tools > Options > Library:Collections & Views
  3. The files are in the library, but don’t appear where you expect because they have little associated metadata. For instance aht.mp3 may not contain any metadata and the filename is meaningless as well. To find such files:
    – Browse Entire Library > Files to Edit > Unknown Title OR Unknown Artist OR Unknown Album
    – If you know where the files are located, browse Entire Library > Location > PathOfTheFiles
    Once you find them, edit the Type to ensure they appear in the right Collection, and edit metadata (e.g. Title, Artist, Album, etc.) so that they can be easily found.

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