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Auto-Conversion Configuration

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Auto-Conversion allows you to:

sync or burn any Track in your collection for any device by converting it to a format supported by your device on-the-fly
convert tracks on-the-fly to lower bitrates to make more effective use of the limited storage capacity on a portable device or disc
level the volume of synced tracks so that they play at a steady volume on any device (unneeded for iPods, but useful for most other devices as they don't support Replay Gain).


Whenever the device is Synchronized (or a disc burned), any tracks that match a set of auto-conversion rules specified by the user are converted on-the-fly and synced (or burned). If leveling is enabled, then:

All tracks that are converted are levelled during the conversion process
MP3 tracks are levelled using MP3 Gain style leveling (i.e. no loss in audio fidelity)
For other tracks that don't need to be converted because they are in a format supported by the device, they are transcoded and leveled as follows:
WMA --> WMA 128 kbps CBR
OGG --> OGG Q4
Other formats are encoded to the encoder defaults for the given format
For other tracks that are in a format that isn't supported by the device, they are trancoded and leveled to MP3 128 kbps CBR

Note that any of these defaults can be overridden simply by adding a new conversion rule.


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