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Organizing Files and Folders

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Moving Tracks Manually

Tracks can easily moved from one folder to another:

1.First select any group of Tracks in the Track list.
2.Drag and Drop the selected Tracks into another folder contained within the Locations or My Computer node. Alternatively, right-click and use the Send-to Folder command.

All of the songs will be moved from their original location to the new location and the Library will be updated. If the all Tracks in the folder are moved, then you'll also be given the option to move any accompanying files such as Album Art or Lyrics.

Changing Filenames Manually

Tracks can easily be renamed by clicking the Filename or Path column for any Track in the Track list, and then changing the filename.

Alternatively, Tracks can be renamed from within the Track Properties dialog.

Auto-Organize Files

Tracks can also be organized en-mass into a directory structure and filename format of your choice. This is done via the Auto-Organize Files function, which uses existing Track properties to move and rename files according to a specified format. For instance, you could organize all of your Tracks in the following format: C:/Music/<Artist>/<Album> - <Title>.xxx . To do this:

1.Select the Tracks that you wish to reorganize/rename, and click Tools > Auto-Organize Files.
2.Choose whether to:
·Move the tracks (if you're organizing tracks on your hard drive). Enable 'Delete emptied folders' if you wish the folders to be deleted after all tracks have been removed.
·Copy the tracks (if you're copying files to or from another source e.g. to copy an iPod). Enable 'Add copied tracks to the Library' if you wish the copied tracks to appear in your Library.
3.Choose the Directory, directory format, and filename format to be used for the Tracks.

See Configuring Directory and Filename Formats.

4.A list will be generated showing the current directories/filenames and the new directories/filenames (if you're moving the files, the changes are highlighted in yellow). If any of the new directories/filenames are incorrect, edit them as needed by clicking the path and editing it, or uncheck them.
5.Click OK to begin the operation for all checked tracks.

When Tracks are moved, it may result in old directories becoming empty. If this occurs, you will be prompted whether to delete the empty directory. If all the Tracks in the folder are moved, then you'll also be given the option to move any accompanying files such as Album Art or Lyrics.

Auto-Organize Files as a Background Process

MediaMonkey can also Auto-organize files as a background process. To enable this, go to Tools > Options > Library > Auto-Organize and configure a rule for different subsets of your music collection. Once rules have been configured you can either:

Go to the Files to Edit > Unorganized Tracks node and use the Auto-Organize function to organize Tracks that don't match the desired format
Enable 'Automatically organize tracks in the background' to have this taken care of automatically when tracks are scanned or edited


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