Getting Started
Basic Concepts
Upgrading to the Gold Version
Navigating your Collection
Searching for Tracks
Now Playing
My Computer
Playing Audio Tracks
The MediaMonkey Player
Protecting the Library with Party Mode
Automatically Play Tracks with Auto-DJ
Playing Tracks at a Level Volume
Using Playlists
Using AutoPlaylists
Sleep Mode
Web-based Audio
Net Radio
Adding Audio Tracks and CDs
Adding Files and Updating the Library
Cataloguing CDs to the Library
Ripping Tracks from CDs
Ripping Tracks and Cataloguing CDs
Creating Previews
Clearing the Library
Editing Tracks
Editing Track Properties
Editing Album Art
Lookup Track & Album Information
Editing Album Properties
Auto-Tag from Filename
Synchronizing Tags
Cleaning Tags
Organizing Files and Folders
Deleting Duplicates
Converting Formats
Volume Leveling
Syncing, Burning, Exporting, and Reporting
Synchronizing with iPods / Portable Devices
iPod Devices
Non-iPod Devices
USB Mass Storage Devices
Burning a CD/DVD
Auto-Conversion Configuration
Exporting Playlists
Generating Reports
Adding Player Plug-ins
Adding Extensions
Multi-user Environments
Reference Information
Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts
Directory and File Format Masks
Track Properties & Tag Formats
MP3 Encoding Settings
Backing up the Library

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