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Ripping Tracks from CDs

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If you want to just rip Tracks from CDs, and are not concerned with cataloguing the physical CDs, you can select the CD or a subset of Tracks from it (via the Locations or My Computer nodes), and click Tools > Rip Audio CD .

The Rip CD dialog will appear, from which you may configure:

1.The compression format to be used for ripping the Tracks. See Ripping & Digital File Formats .
2.Whether the volume of the Tracks should be leveled as they are encoded. This is slightly different from just analyzing the volume levels, since in addition to performing the analysis, this actually modifies the volume levels of the ripped Track.
3.The Directory and Filename format to be used for the new Tracks. Choose the format in which your files will be saved by clicking the <Artist>, <Album>, etc. buttons, and click the folder button if you wish to save to a different folder. See Configuring Directory and Filename Formats .

Press 'Ok' to proceed with Ripping the selected Tracks.


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