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Getting a Device Recognized as a USB Mass Storage Device

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Most non-iPod devices that are compatible with Windows are either MTP devices (sometimes marketed as 'Plays for Sure') or USB Mass Storage devices.  Both of these devices will work with the WMDM plugin, though there are some cases where the Generic Portable/Audio Device plug-in may be preferable for USB Mass Storage devices. To use the Generic plugin:

1.Start MediaMonkey and plug in the device.
2.Go to Tools > Options > Portable/Audio Devices and check whether the device has been detected by MediaMonkey's WMDM plugin.  Uncheck that device.
3.Select the 'Generic Portable/Audio Device' plug-in and press 'Configure'
4.On the 'Device Configuration' tab, enter a Drive Letter, Drive Label, or USB Device ID and press 'OK'. Once this is done, when the device is plugged in in the future, it will be recognized by the Generic Portable/Audio Device plugin instead of the WMDM plugin.
5.Proceed to Configure the Device.


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