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Using Playlists

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Playlists are lists of Tracks from the Library, arranged in a set order. Playlists can be used to create a mix of music that you wish to listen to, sync to a portable device, or burn to a CD.

To create a Playlist:

1.From the Edit menu or from the Playlist button on the toolbar or from the Send-to context menu, click New Playlist or, drag and drop a track onto the Playlist button.
2.Name the Playlist when prompted. The new playlist will be created in the Playlists node.
3.Move the new playlist by dragging and dropping it to a different portion of the Playlists hierarchy, if you wish.
4.Add Tracks to the playlist by dragging and dropping them from anywhere in the Library. Note that this doesn't move the Track or change any of its properties--it just adds it to the Playlist.
5.Rearrange the order of Tracks within the Playlist by dragging and dropping the Tracks within the Playlist. You can also click a heading to sort the playlist, and then press <Alt><F5> or <Ctrl><Alt><F5> to change the order in which tracks are played to match the order in which they are displayed.
6.Remove any of the Tracks you aren't comfortable with by selecting the Track(s) and pressing <Delete>. This will not delete any Tracks from the Library, it simply removes them from the Playlist.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop Tracks into the Now Playing window, and then click List > Save Playlist


To Edit a Playlist:

Add Tracks to an existing playlist by selecting the Track(s) to add and clicking the Playlist button on the toolbar or Send-to > Playlist in the context menu, and choose the destination Playlist.
Click the Playlist node from the tree and add/remove/rearrange Tracks within the Track list.
Select and play a Playlist to add it to the Now Playing window. Then add/remove/rearrange Tracks within the Now Playing dialog and click List > Save Playlist when you're done.
Sort the playlist by clicking a header. This will sort the tracks but not won't save the new Play Order. Press <Alt><F5> if you wish to save the new play order.


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Working with .m3u Playlists

It is also possible to add, delete, or edit an .m3u Playlist that is not part of the Library. In the My Computer node:

Edit an .m3u playlist by selecting it, and dragging files into it or deleting files from it.
Create a new .m3u playlist by right-clicking New .m3u Playlist and then dragging files into it.
Delete an .m3u playlist by selecting it, and pressing <Delete>.


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