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MediaMonkey is highly customizable and can be extended with a variety of addons.

Customizing the Skin

You can change MediaMonkey's skin via Tools > Options > Skin.

Customizing the Toolbar

The MediaMonkey toolbar is customizable. Toolbars can be enabled/disabled by right-clicking on the Toolbar area. Toolbars are also completely customizable by right-clicking on the Toolbar area and clicking 'Configure' e.g. you can create a new Toolbar solely for the purpose of managing Podcasts.

Customizing the Layout

  • The various Windows in the MediaMonkey user interface (e.g. the Player, the Now Playing Window, the Album Art Window, etc.) can be dragged and dropped via the Title bar to create a layout that you like. If the Title bar is missing, right-click on the component and enable the Title bar.
  • Columns in the Tracklist can be customized by right- clicking on the header.
  • Columns in the Track Browser can be customized by right-clicking on the header.
  • The layout of Tracks and Album Art can be configured via Tools > Options > Library > Appearance.

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