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Basic Concepts

Media File properties can be easily edited via the Filelistings (F2) or the Properties dialog. Whenever properties are changed, associated tags are updated by default (configurable via Tools > Options > Library > Tags and Playlists) unless tags are malformed.

For serious collectors especially for classical music, multiple attributes can be stored in certain fields. For instance, if a track by U2 has multiple contributing artists, this can be entered as follows into the Artist field: 'U2; B.B. King'. In so doing, the track will be searchable or browsable by either 'U2' or 'B.B. King'. This is most useful for Artist, Album Artist, Genre, Composer, and Conductor fields. Note that ';' is the default separator, however, it is configurable at Tools > Options > Library > Appearance.

Quick Edits via the Filelisting and Media Tree

The Filelistings allows you to quickly make simple changes to Media File properties (select field and use F2 or slow double click to enable inline editing):

  • You can update individual Media Files' properties, by slow double clicking it in the Filelisting, and making the desired change. This is very useful when you are browsing through your library, and notice an error that you want to rapidly correct. The downside is that only the most common properties can be viewed in the Filelisting.
  • You can also edit the properties of multiple Media Files by slow double clicking e.g. any Artist or Album in the Media Tree and renaming it. The new name will propagate to all Media Files associated with the Artist or Album (except in the case of Multiple Artist Albums). For example, renaming Artist: 'Michel Jakson' to 'Michael Jackson' in the tree, will cause all Media Files by 'Michel Jakson' to be changed to 'Michael Jackson'.
  • You can drag and drop, cut and paste, or copy & paste Media Files from one node to another to change the Media Files' properties. For example:
    • Dragging a Media File from Artist: 'Michel Jakson' to Artist : 'Michael Jackson' will change the Artist for the Media File to 'Michael Jackson' .
    • Cut ( <Ctrl><x> ) a Media File from Genre: Pop and Paste ( <Ctrl><v> ) to Genre : Rock will change the Genre for the Media File.
    • Dragging with <Ctrl> a Media File from Genre: Pop to Genre: Rock will append the Genre Pop to Rock so that it becomes Rock;Pop
    • Copy ( <Ctrl><c>) a Media File from Genre: Pop and Paste ( <Ctrl><v> ) to Genre : Rock will append the Genre Pop to Rock so that it becomes Rock;Pop
      Note: Append operations only work for multiple-definition fields: Artist, Album Artist, Composer, Conductor, Genre, and Classifications
  • To change ratings of any Media File on the fly, click the Stars in the Filelisting or on in the Player (to change Rating for playing Media File).
  • To change classifcations on the fly, enable the Categorize Toolbar (right-click anywhere on the Toolbar, and enable Categorize). It will allow you to quickly change the Rating, Tempo, Mood, Occasion, or Quality.

Edit via the Properties Dialog

If you want to have access to all of a Media File's properties, you'll need to perform edits via the Properties Dialog (right click on Media File > Properties or Edit > Properties). Change the desired fields, and press 'OK'.

Note: If you want this dialog to remain open so that you can edit other Tracks in your Library, click View > Properties. To commit any changes you've made to the current Media File and edit the previous/next song, click one of the arrows.

Edit Properties of Multiple Media Files at Once

To change the properties of several Media Files at once, select the Media Files you want to edit and perform edits via the Properties Dialog (right click on Media File > Properties or Edit > Properties), and make the desired change to any property. Make certain that the property you wish to change is checked and click 'OK'. The changes will be made for all of the selected Tracks.


  • Edits to tags are not reversible, there is no undo to revert them to their previous values.

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