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With reports, you can easily generate Statistics about your collection, or create File listings in HTML, a CSV file (which can be imported in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel), or an XML file. This exported file will allow you to print from the file's supported software.


To generate a Statistics report use File > Create Reports > Statistics from the Main Menu. A new window will open with statistics of your MediaMonkey Library. You can use Save As if you want to save this report to your computer.

Export File List Report

To generate a File List report:

  1. Select all of the media files you would like to create a report for.
  2. Use File > Create Reports from the Main Menu and one of the File List options available.
  3. Choose a destination folder and file name to save the report.

Using CSV in Excel

If the CSV has foreign characters you'll need to import the CSV in Excel instead of opening it with Excel as Excel doesn't import Unicode files automatically. To import use:

  1. In Excel go to Data in the menu
  2. Use From Text/CSV
  3. Select the CSV file exported from MediaMonkey
  4. On the next screen change File Origin to 65001: Unicode (UTF-8)
  5. Click Load



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