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Warning sign (60px).png Use this with caution!

It permanently updates your media files and there is no undo!

Lookup CD Album Information from Freedb

Whenever a new Audio CD is inserted, information about the CD is automatically looked up in the Freedb database and appears in the CD node in My Computer. If there's a direct match to your CD, the information will automatically appear, and if there are multiple matches, you'll be prompted to select the correct Album from several options. To requery the Freedb database, simply click Tools > Get Album Info from Freedb (this only works when a CD is inserted).

If a new Data CD (containing MP3s) is inserted, you'll be prompted to manually identify the CD with a 'label'.

Lookup Track Information/Album Art from the Web

If you have tracks that are missing information or Album Art, you can lookup and import the missing information by clicking Tools > Auto-Tag from Web. By default, this will return Albums from Amazon that contain the Artist, Album, and Title information in your tracks (without sending any personal information to Amazon). Other addons are available to lookup information from other sources. Please read the following about Auto-Tag from Web if you're using MediaMonkey 4 or older: http://www.mediamonkey.com/broken-auto-tag.htm?l=en

Once you've located a relevant Album:

  1. Check off the properties that you wish to update.
  2. Update the # column of your Tracks to match the Track # of the tracks in the Album you've located, to match the properties of the looked up track to your track.
  3. Manually update any other properties that you wish to from your list of tracks.
  4. Click the Auto-Tag button to automatically update the properties of your Tracks.

By clicking the Options button you can configure:

  • Which Amazon database to use (US, Germany, etc.)
  • What Albums from the database to lookup
  • Where to store Album Art

Manually Lookup Additional Track information

If you have tracks that are still missing information (for example 'Year' information is sometimes missing from Amazon), click the web node, to access several databases containing information about 1000's of tracks.

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