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This view allows you to access to your Hard Drive, CD Rom, Network, or any other devices that have drive letters attached, much as you would with the Windows Explorer--it shows all audio files and .m3u Playlists, not just those that are part of the Library. This is useful when you want to perform operations on Tracks that are not (yet) part of your Library. For example:

  • Browse a CD that hasn't been added to your library to listen to it, edit its contents (edits are saved to cdplayer.ini), and/or 'Add' it to the Library or save it to the 'Virtual CD'.
  • Browse to a folder on your hard drive that hasn't yet been added to the library and then Add it.
  • Create a new folder called C:/Music and then move folders from /Library/Location/C:/Temp into this new directory (this cannot be done in the /Library/Location view since it only shows directories that already contain audio Tracks).
  • Examine, edit, or create an .m3u playlist that is not part of the library.

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