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Podcasts are Audio/Video feeds made up of episodes that are published periodically. Episodes can be subscribed to, or listened to without subscribing. Here is a brief description of the various Podcast nodes in MediaMonkey:

Podcast Subscriptions node Contains all subscribed podcasts currently in the Library.
Podcast Subscription (e.g. If a podcast has been subscribed, the subscription will appear as a node. Episodes that haven't been downloaded appear in grey.
Podcast Directories node This contains a directory of Podcasts that can be browsed or subscribed. Directories can be imported or exported via OPML files.

Subscribing and Listening to Podcasts

MediaMonkey allows you to easily subscribe to Podcasts, using any of the methods described below..

  1. Expand the Podcast node and Browse or search one of the Directories for a Podcast of interest. Double-click on the Podcast to subscribe.
  2. If you've found a Podcast on the web, do one of the following:
    1. copy the feed's URL, right-click on the Podcast node and click 'Subscribe to new Podcast'. Paste the Podcast URL into the subscription dialog.
    2. open the associated .pcast file with your browser, which will cause MediaMonkey subscribe dialog to open up.
    3. open the feed's URL (in Firefox only), and when prompted, choose MediaMonkey to open the file. This will cause the subscription dialog to open up.
  3. Choose subscription rules for the Podcast (or for all Podcasts) to define how episodes should be downloaded, and when they should be removed.

The Podcast episodes will begin to download, turning from grey to black once they're downloaded. MediaMonkey will periodically check for updates and automatically download new episodes (you can also manually trigger an update of all subscribed podcasts by right-clicking on the Podcast node).

To play the podcast, you can double-click the relevant Tracks in either the Podcast node, or in the Library.

Importing and Exporting Podcasts

If you have a collection of Podcasts that you wish to import into MediaMonkey, you can do so by importing an OPML file. Right-click on the Podcast Directories node and click 'Add Directory (OPML)'. The directory will then appear and from there you can subscribe to individual podcasts.

If you wish to export your Podcasts as an OPML file, you can do so via Tools > Scripts > Export subscribed podcasts...

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