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MediaMonkey offers several different search tools. The logical operators described below can fine-tune your results:

Search Term Search Results
A Tracks with A* or á* . e.g. Search for 'be' will return tracks by 'The Beatles' and 'Bébé'
+A Tracks with A* only . e.g. Search for 'be' will return tracks by 'The Beatles' but not 'Bébé'
"A" Tracks with A only (case sensitive). This is useful when you want an exact match.
Tracks with A AND B. For example to find tracks containing both U2 and Pop, type: U2 Pop .
A ; B
Tracks with either A or B. For example to find tracks where genre is children or kids, type: children OR kids .
A -B
Tracks with A and not B.
A OR B C OR D -E Tracks with (A OR B) AND (C OR D) NOT E . i.e. OR has precedence over AND and NOT.
Limits the search to a particular field.  Valid fields include: 'Actor', 'Actors', 'Artist', 'Album', 'AlbumArtist', 'Album Artist', 'Composer', 'Conductor', 'Comment', 'Copyright', 'custom1', 'custom2', 'custom3', 'custom4', 'custom5', 'Director', 'Encoder', 'Genre', 'Grouping', 'Lyricist', 'Lyrics', 'OriginalArtist', 'Original Artist', 'OriginalTitle', 'Original Title', 'OriginalLyricist', 'Original Lyricist', 'Path', 'Producer', 'Publisher', 'Series', 'Screenwriter', 'Title', 'Mood', 'Tempo', 'Occasion', 'Quality', 'InvolvedPeople', 'Involved People', 'Year', 'Origdate', 'Original Date', 'Rating', 'Bpm', 'Disc#', 'Disc number', 'Track', 'Track#', 'Length', 'Bitrate', 'Frequency', 'Played', 'Played #', 'Lastplayed', 'Last Played', 'Channels', 'Leveling'.
Artist:A Tracks with Artist = A . Other supported fields are: Artist, Album, Album Artist / AlbumArtist, Title, Genre, Path, Composer, Disc#, Lyricist, Conductor, Grouping, Lyrics, Comment, custom 1 / custom1, custom 2 / custom2, custom 3 / custom3, custom 4 / custom4, custom 5 / custom5, Original Artist / OriginalArtist, Original Title / OriginalTitle, Original Lyricist / OriginalLyricist, Publisher, Encoder, Copyright, Mood, Tempo, Occasion, Quality, Involved People / InvolvedPeople
Year:X..Y Tracks with year ranging X to Y . Other supported fields are: Year, Original Date / origdate, Rating, bpm, Disc, Track, Length, Bitrate, Frequency, Played# / played, Last Played / lastplayed, Channels, Leveling
Rating: X.. Tracks with rating of X stars or greater.
', ':', '.', '_', '(', ')', '[', ']', '&', '@', '#', ' ', '*', '!', '-', ';' Searches for special characters: returns Tracks with the special character.
Search for special characters embedded in a string e.g. 'Help!' : Ignores the special character, and returns all Tracks containing 'Help'.
Search for "Help!" : Finds an exact match (doesn't ignore the special character).
Searches for drive letters (e.g. C: or C:/) are treated exceptionally--the ':' is not ignored.

Search Bar

The search bar allows you to search the selected Collection, the displayed File List, or the entire Library. You can change this setting using the <down> arrow next to the search button. For most searches, just enter your search criteria in the Search bar and MediaMonkey will scour most commonly used text fields for the relevant tracks.

To configure which fields are searched, and set default search parameters go to Tools > Options > Library > Search.

Basic Search

If you wish to initiate a slightly more fine-grained search, clear the search bar and click the Search button to bring up a basic search dialog that will let you find Tracks based on multiple criteria. Just enter your search criteria and press 'Ok' to see the results.

If you wish to save the search results, right-click Save as AutoPlaylist.

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows you to search the entire library by any set of criteria. To do this:

  1. Press the Search button (when no text appears in the search bar) or node, and select the Advanced tab.
  2. Click the 'New Criteria' icon, and select the criteria you would like to search for. You can do this for as many criteria as you like. Keep in mind that:
    • For any individual criterion, if you select multiple attributes (e.g. Tempo is Fast, Very Fast), the search will find any Track where Tempo is Fast or Very Fast.
    • If you select multiple criteria (e.g. one criteria is Artist=Police and another Genre=Rock), then the criteria can be additive or not, depending on whether you choose 'All' or 'Any' criteria to be matched.
  3. Click the 'Add New Sort Order' icon, to sort the search results by any field. Sort by 'Random' if you want Tracks to be sorted in a random order or Random Album if you want Albums to be played randomly (note: if you limit the number of search results, then sorting by 'Random' will return a different set of Tracks each time).
  4. Limit the search results, by time, size, or number of Tracks if you wish.
  5. Press 'Ok' to see the search results in the Search node.

If you wish to save the search results, right-click Save as AutoPlaylist.

Note: For date-based searches such as tracks between 1978 and today, you can use the value of 'Present'. e.g. search for tracks between '1978' and 'Present'.

Related Information:

Using AutoPlaylists

Find More from Same

In cases where you are browsing a particular Track and want to quickly see related Tracks, such as those by the same Artist, in the same Genre, Album, Year, or Folder, you can quickly find the related Tracks using Find More from Same .

  1. Select a Track
  2. Right-click and select Find More from Same. Select Artist, Genre, Album, Year, or Folder depending on which related Tracks you would like to find.

You will immediately be brought to the relevant node in the Tree.

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