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Volume Leveling allows Files to be played back in MediaMonkey at a consistent volume level, so that you don't have to manually adjust the volume of the Player to compensate for some Files being recorded at higher/lower volumes than others. Leveling playback volume is generally accomplished by either:

  1. Leveling the playback volume of a file as it plays in MediaMonkey based on a (Replay Gain) volume leveling coefficient that has been previously calculated. Note that distinct coefficients are used for per File, and Per Album, so that Playback can be set to occur at a steady volume per Track, or per Album (to preserve the intended volume fluctuations between Files on an album).
  2. Leveling the file volume of the source file so that it plays back at level volume on any player. This permanently modifies the file and can be accomplished losslessly (for MP3 files only) or lossily (for all files).

For more information on these approaches, see: Basic Concepts: Volume Leveling

Volume Leveling Settings

Use Tools > Options > Volume Leveling from the Main Menu to configure the volume leveling settings in MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey Volume Leveling Options

  • Level playback / sync volume can be set to per Track or per Album depending on your preference. With per Track all files will play at the same volume, whereas per Album volume variances between files on an Album are preserved.
  • Level playback volume to enables level playback in MediaMonkey using the Track Volume or Album Volume value in the files tags. 89dB is the default value, generally values up to 95dB work without problems. This setting requires files to have been volume analyzed.
  • Target volume for leveling tracks sets the volume used when using Level track volume, 89dB is the default value.
  • Level ripped tracks sets if files should be leveled per Track or per Album when you Rip them from an Audio CD.
  • Target volume for leveling tracks sets the volume used when using Level track volume.
  • Target volume for ripping Audio CDs sets the volume used when using Ripping an Audio CD with the option to Level Track volume is enabled in the Rip dialog, 89dB is the default value.
  • Clipping prevention will try to avoid clipping by limiting the volume adjustment when clipping is detected.

  • Only analyze files with unknown Leveling Adjustment will only analyze those files selected to be analyzed that have unknown Track Volume and/or Album Volume.
  • When analyzing Track volume, also analyze Album volume will also analyze the Album Volume. This is needed if you're playing files with volume leveling per Album. Album Volume is only calculated if an Album has more than 1 file and when all files on the Album are selected for Volume Analysis.
  • Automatically analyze volume of analyzed files will do volume analysis in the background for any files with unknown Track or Album Volume (Gold feature).

  • Tools > Options > Performance from the Main Menu has a setting to set how many CPU cores MediaMonkey is allowed to use during Volume analysis (Gold feature).

Leveling Playback Volume

  1. Select all of your Files and click Tools > Analyze Volume from the Main Menu. This will take some time as each File will be individually analyzed and (per Track and per Album) volume adjustment coefficients will be calculated for each File/Album (displayed as a deviation from the 'Target volume for playback'). Note that per Album coefficients are only calculated when all files on an album are selected to be analyzed. You can change the default settings via Tools > Options > Volume Leveling.
    Note: If you have MediaMonkey Gold, the volume leveling options allows you to automate volume analysis so that it occurs in the background by enabling Automatically analyze volume of unanalyzed files. This can be done for Audio, Video, or both Audio and Video files.
  2. Use Play > Level Volume from the Main Menu. This will cause the Player to adjust the volume level using the 'per Track'/'per Album' coefficient depending on configuration (for 'per Album' leveling, Track Volume is used if Album Volume is unknown).

Leveling Track Volume

To losslessly level the volume of MP3 Files already in the library:

  1. Configure the Target volume level for leveling tracks to the desired volume under Tools > Options > Volume Leveling from the Main Menu.
  2. Select all of the Files you wish to level and click Tools > Level Track Volume. This will take some time as each file will be individually analyzed, and the volume will then be adjusted so that the file(s) can play back leveled on any player.

To level the volume of files when Ripping a CD, or converting between audio formats (note that this is a lossy operation--the newly created files will not be exact replicas):

  1. Configure the Target volume level for ripping Audio CDs and Target volume level for leveling tracks to the desired volume via Tools > Options > Volume Leveling.
  2. Enable the Level volume checkbox in the Rip dialog or Convert Files dialog.



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