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MediaMonkey can sync your music, videos and playlists to your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Sync includes basic metadata like Title, Artist, Album and Genre, but also Rating, Lyrics and an Artwork image associated with the Album. MediaMonkey also supports Apple Sound Check when files have been volume analyzed. MediaMonkey will also sync tag changes and Play Counts back to MediaMonkey when using Auto-Sync.

Configure iTunes drivers for the iPhone/iPod/iPad

To sync with an iOS device like an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you'll need to have iTunes desktop (64bit/32bit) software (not the Windows Store version) installed (MediaMonkey depends on Apple's device drivers to sync). Most older iPod (non-iOS) devices don't require iTunes.

Note: An alternative to iTunes is CopyTrans Drivers which will only install the required iTunes components for syncing, however this isn't officially supported by Apple or MediaMonkey.

Configure iTunes so that it doesn't automatically sync with your device since syncing with iTunes will overwrite changes made by MediaMonkey to the device:

  1. Close MediaMonkey, connect your device and run iTunes
  2. Select your device in iTunes and then select 'Summary' in the left sidebar
    1. In the Options section, disable Automatically sync when this device is connected'
    2. Enable 'Manually manage music and videos'
  3. Eject the device and close iTunes

Note: Don't use iTunes to sync Calendar or Contact data to your device, as it will overwrite data synced by MediaMonkey. Instead, try using tools such as iMazing or CopyTrans.

Note iTunes instructions are subject to change with new versions of iTunes.


Sync and the Device Profile settings are explained here: Syncing Files to Portable Devices.

Disconnecting your Device

iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad can safely be unplugged once a sync operation has completed. Other non-iOS iPod models can be safely disconnected using Safely remove device in the right click Context Menu of the device in the Media Tree.

Updating iOS/iTunes

MediaMonkey is tested to work with certain iOS/iTunes versions and thus when you install a new version of iOS or iTunes MediaMonkey may no longer be able to connect with your iOS device (like iPhones and iPads). If you rely on MediaMonkey Syncing with your iOS device it's recommended to first check if there is a MediaMonkey update that supports the new iOS/iTunes release before updating (though we do not recommend to hold off critical security updates). This will generally happen after iOS or iTunes have their final release to the wider public.


  • Device is not recognized by MediaMonkey/Sync isn't syncing all files or metadata (including Artwork) incorrectly
    • Make sure Windows recognizes your device (in File Explorer) and that iTunes (if device requires iTunes/iTunes is installed) recognizes your device.
    • Make sure the Device Profile for your device is not disabled under Devices & Services in the Media Tree.
    • Make sure MediaMonkey is up-to-date. Often new releases of iOS/device firmware/iTunes require a new release of MediaMonkey. A new release may not be available till some time after a new release of iOS/device firmware/iTunes.
    • Try a device reset in iTunes.
    • See: Knowledge Base: MediaMonkey doesn’t Recognize my Apple Device
    • Check our Forum if there are any known problems. If not report your issue and a developer will try to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Not all selected files are synced.
    • Check that the files still play in MediaMonkey. Files that MediaMonkey can't locate can't be synced to the device.
    • Check that the device isn't full. Once a device is full MediaMonkey will not sync new files until you create more space on the device.
  • An update is available for iOS and/or iTunes, should I update?
    • You can check the Forum to see if MediaMonkey is already compatible before updating iTunes or iOS. Often a new Beta will be released that adds support for the new iOS/iTunes release in the week after, but a Final Release of MediaMonkey may take a little longer.
  • Can MediaMonkey sync from the device to the PC?


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