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Auto-Conversion allows you to:

  • sync or burn any Track in your collection for any device by converting it to a format supported by your device on-the-fly
  • convert tracks on-the-fly to lower bitrates to make more effective use of the limited storage capacity on a portable device or disc
  • level the volume of synced tracks so that they play at a steady volume on any device (unneeded for iPods, but useful for most other devices as they don't support Replay Gain).

Whenever the device is Synchronized (or a disc burned), any tracks that match a set of auto-conversion rules specified by the user are converted on-the-fly and synced (or burned). If leveling is enabled, then:

  • All tracks that are converted are levelled during the conversion process
  • MP3 tracks are levelled using MP3 Gain style leveling (i.e. no loss in audio fidelity)
  • For other tracks that don't need to be converted because they are in a format supported by the device, they are transcoded and leveled as follows:
    • WMA --> WMA 128 kbps CBR
    • OGG --> OGG Q4
    • Other formats are encoded to the encoder defaults for the given format
  • For other tracks that are in a format that isn't supported by the device, they are transcoded and leveled to MP3 128 kbps CBR

Note that any of these defaults can be overridden simply by adding a new conversion rule.

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