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CoClass SDBIniFile, Interface ISDBIniFile

Sub Apply

Method description

Applies all changes made to the ini file. This way you can change internal MediaMonkey variables and thus change its behaviour on-the-fly without a need to restart MediaMonkey.

Introduced in MediaMonkey 4.0

Example code

This example adds "Enable Tooltips" submenu items, so 'Tools -> Enable Tooltips' enables track tooltips (if were disabled)

Option Explicit

Sub OnStartup()
    Dim oMenuItem

    Set oMenuItem = SDB.UI.AddMenuItem(SDB.UI.Menu_Tools, 0, 0)
    oMenuItem.Caption = "Enable Tooltips"
    oMenuItem.UseScript = Script.ScriptPath
    oMenuItem.OnClickFunc = "ShowTrackToolTip"
End Sub

Sub ShowTrackToolTip(oItem) 
    Dim inif
    Set inif = SDB.IniFile
    inif.BoolValue( "Appearance","ShowTrackToolTip") = true 
    inif.BoolValue( "Appearance","ShowTrackToolTipAll") = true
End Sub

(change myIniFile to whatever else of course)