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CoClass SDBScriptControl, Interface ISDBScriptControl

Sub RegisterEvent(ObjectVar As Object, EventName As String, HandlerName As String)


Name Type Description
ObjectVar Object Object of the event
EventName String Event name – check manual for actual event names for given object
HandlerName String Name of the handler procedure as string

Method description

Registers COM object event to be handled by a script.

JScript note: Method does not accept anonoymous functions or callbacks. A handler function must be defined within global script scope. Then handler function's name should be passed to the method.

UI events note: Events from SDBUICommon class should be registered to the ui_object.Common property and not to the ui_object itself.

Example code


Sub ShutdownHandler
  ' Event code goes here...
End Sub

Script.RegisterEvent SDB, "OnShutdown", "ShutdownHandler"


function shutdown_handler() {
  // Event code goes here...

Script.RegisterEvent(SDB, 'OnShutdown', 'shutdown_handler');