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CoClass SDBSongData, Interface ISDBSongData

Property Get/Let SkipCount As Long

Property description

Sets/Gets 'Skipped #' aka 'Skip counter' value.

Value meaning: If user skips a track by pressing player next [>>] button when track is playing and playback is in interval between 2 seconds and 3/10 of track's length then SkipCount is increased. Corresponds to the 'Skip counter' edit box situated on 'Properties' -> 'Details' page.

Introduced into MediaMonkey version 4.0

Scripting Object SDBSongData
Value Name SkipCount
Value Type Value
Database Table Songs
Field Name SkipCount
Field Type Integer

Example Code

Complete script


  For iCounter = 0 to objSongList.count - 1                                    'SongLists
      Set objSongData = objSongList.Item(iCounter)
      ValueSkipCount = objSongData.SkipCount
      SDB.MessageBox "Value = '" &  ValueSkipCount & "'", mtError, Array(mbOK)    'SDB.MessageBox
' objSongData.SkipCount = ValueNewSkipCount 'Commented Out For Safety
' objSonglist.UpdateAll              'Commented Out For Safety                 'UpdateAll
                         Updates db and writes tags (if checked in options)
End Sub