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CoClass SDBTreeNode, Interface ISDBTreeNode

Property Get RelatedObjectID As Long

Property description

This value returns ID of related object depending on node type, such as:

Introduced in MediaMonkey 4.0.

Example code

'This Example will Add Random Song from Selected playlist to NowPlaying
Dim res
If (SDB.MainTree.CurrentNode.NodeType = 61) Or (SDB.MainTree.CurrentNode.NodeType = 71) Then 'Check if selected node is playlist
  Set playlst = SDB.PlaylistByID(SDB.MainTree.CurrentNode.RelatedObjectID) 'retrieve playlist data
  Randomize 'Init Random Seed
  Call SDB.Player.PlaylistAddTrack(playlst.tracks.item(Int((playlst.Tracks.Count+1) * Rnd))) 'Add Random Track From Playlist to Now Playing
  res = SDB.MessageBox(SDB.Localize("You must select Playlist!"), mtError, Array(mbOk)) 'Show warning in case playlist is not selected
End If