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This allows iTunes to be treated as a MediaMonkey music device. While this may seem counter productive (most MM users detest iTunes) there are some advantages in having both running in union.

Common applications for the plugin

  • Synchronise to ALL Apple media players - guarranteed 100% compatibility whatever the generation and OS version
  • Use iTunes as a media player using the very well featured iPhone Remote Application
  • Make use of iTunes' Genius Mixes, Playlists and Music Match.
  • Mix MM managed audio, iTunes applications and video alongside each other
  • Export your MM library into more compact encoding formats for portable devices
  • Export your MM library into iTunes for non-MM users
  • Synchronise MM playlist folders to iPods

Download and installation of the d_iTunes plugin

  • Make sure that you have iTunes downloaded and installed
  • Download the plugin dll from
  • Double click the mmip file to install. It can be installed as Administrator or non-Administrator
  • There is a manual named d_itunes4-manual.pdf installed alongside the plugin which may be in several locations
  • Installed as admin: c:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Plugins\
  • Installed as non-admin: c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\MediaMonkey\Plugins\
  • Installed as portable <portable drive>\Plugins

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