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MediaMonkey compatibility

  • Compatible via the d_WMDM.dll plugin, as of MediaMonkey version
  • Synchronization with MTP / 'Plays for Sure' devices require that certain Microsoft libraries be installed on the host PC. These libraries are included with Windows Media Player 10. If you don't have Windows Media Player 10 installed you can install the Windows Media Formal redistribution installation package, which contains the necessary components from

Firmware supported

All firmware versions should be supported.

Specific Device Settings

  1. Set up a device profile as described here. You must initialize this to suit your device - details vary with device. Alternatively you can sync a selected group of tracks only, but this may cause playlist as well as duplicate track issues.
  2. In the device options, under the "Auto-sync Options" tab, ensure that *.mp4 is in the "Exclude folders" field to ensure that your videos are not removed from the device by MediaMonkey (if your device supports videos).
  3. In the "Device configuration tab, check "Use only the first Genre when multiple Genres exist" and "Use only the first value when multiple Artists / Composers exist" for maximum device compatibility.
  4. To sync playlists, change the path to which playlists are copied to \My Playlists\. You can change this setting under the 'Device Configuration' tab - check "Sync Playlists", then go to 'Options' and change 'Destination Directory:' to \My Playlists\ .