Palm Pre

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Palm Pre
Storage Capacity8 GB

MediaMonkey compatibility

  • Compatible via the d_iPod.dll plugin, as of MediaMonkey version
  • Also compatible with the d_USBMass1.dll and d_WMDM.dll plugins (not recommended, since playlists will not work properly)

Firmware supported

For full support you should have firmware 1.2.1 or higher

Specific Device Settings

  1. Follow the generic iTunes compatibility settings described here, if iTunes is installed.
  2. Set up a device profile for the easiest/best experience with the iPod. This will allow back-synchronization of ratings and playcounts.
  3. In the "Device configuration" tab, check "Use only the first Genre when multiple Genres exist" and "Use only the first value when multiple Artists / Composers exist" for maximum compatibility.
  4. In the "Device configuration" tab, check "Force iTunes style folders".