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Volume Leveling compensation for notorious iPod EQ distortion

After some experimentation and conferring with audiophiles at, I've determined that the iPod EQ is ... well, crappy, has been for some time. The IPod apparently plays files at the recorded volume, and adds any EQ setting on top of that, resulting in guaranteed distortion during certain portions of certain tracks ripped with MediaMonkey volume leveling set at the default 89db. Ipod's Sound Check leveling adjustments seem to be made AFTER the EQ is added, resulting in distortion even at lowered playback volumes. Oh, and if that's not bad enough, this is also exhibited with audio from the iPod's LINE-OUT signal via the docking port.

I tested with both a 2009 Ipod Classic and 2007 iPod Nano 3G, both with most current firmware. I tested a known distortion-prone track with the leveling set at 89db, then leveled the volume of a duplicate track with the option set to 83db. The re-leveled file did not show the same distortion. Yippee.

=> I suggest we add a paragraph about adjusting the Volume Leveling options for iPod users, so that ripped tracks are not as prone to distortion after syncing to an iPod which is used with one of Apple's EQ settings. -- Davidbspalding 17:01, 14 March 2010 (EDT)