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Hi - new to the Monkey Wiki. I just got a new device, and spent considerable time figuring out that a couple of problems I experienced are known issues. I like the "quick start" feel of the wiki -- much more friendly for this purpose than the forums. Can I suggest that we augment it with some known issues? This would also provide a central place to record solutions if/when they arrive.

I'd like to suggest the known issues that apply to the iPod Classic (at least, and I assume other iPod versions): 1. That album art gets all scrambled up on the device. You'll see the wrong art for a variety of albums or individual tracks. This seems to occur after doing a partial sync (i.e. only a few things have changed). Sometimes it can be fixed by right-clicking the device in MM and selecting Rebuild Device Database. It doesn't seem to solve it all the time, though, so another solution is to clear the device and resync everything. 2. iPods don't treat audiobooks as audiobooks, at least not like MM does. Although MM groups "chapters" (tracks) together into a "book" if they are in the same album/author, the iPod treats them each as a separate audiobook. In other words, your book has to be in a single MP3 file in order to be kept whole on the iPod. No known solution.

I don't know how stuff like this is usually suggested/vetted in a wiki, but thought these points might add value to the jumping-off point for newbies. Thanks.