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AutoPlaylists are collections of songs that are created dynamically based on a chosen set of criteria. As new Tracks are added to the Library or changed, AutoPlaylists adjust dynamically so that any new Tracks that match the chosen criteria are added, and others that no longer match the criteria are removed. They are great for creating a mix of music to match a certain type of mood.

To create an AutoPlaylist:

  1. From the Edit menu or from the Playlist' button on the toolbar or from the Send-to context menu, click New 'AutoPlaylist.
  2. Name the AutoPlaylist when prompted. The new playlist will be created in the Playlists node.
  3. You will then be prompted to select the criteria to be used for the AutoPlaylist. Use the Search pane for a simple AutoPlaylist, or the Advanced Search pane for a more complex AutoPlaylist with multiple criteria. Once you've selected your criteria, press 'Ok', and the AutoPlaylist will be generated.
  4. Move the new playlist by dragging and dropping it to a different portion of the Playlists hierarchy, if you wish.
  5. If you need to edit the AutoPlaylist, select it, and click Edit Properties, and you will be prompted to edit the criteria used to generate the list.

To edit the AutoPlaylist, select it and right-click Edit AutoPlaylist.

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