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Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts

MediaMonkey can help you work more efficiently with your music Library with the following shortcuts.

Multimedia Keyboard Shortcuts

The following buttons on multimedia keyboards can be used to control MediaMonkey from within any application:

Play / Pause / Stop
Previous Track / Next Track
Volume Up / Volume Down
Previous View / Next View / Refresh

Standard Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts can be accessed via a standard keyboard from within MediaMonkey. Many of these can be altered by changing the Hotkeys configuration via Tools > Options > General > Hotkeys

Play / Pause <Ctrl><p>
Previous Track (back) <Ctrl><b> or <Ctrl><Alt><¬>
Next Track (forward) <Ctrl><n> or <Ctrl><Alt><®>
Back 5 Seconds <Shift><Ctrl><b>
Forward 5 Seconds <Shift><Ctrl><n>
Stop <Ctrl><o>
Volume Up <Ctrl><Alt><Up Arrow>
Volume Down <Ctrl><Alt><¯­­­­­­>
Play (selected Tracks) Now (can be changed by modifying 'Double-click action') <Enter>
Play (selected Track) Now - Alternate
(see Player Configuration)
Play (selected Tracks) After Others <Ctrl><Enter>
Play (selected Tracks) Next <Shift><Ctrl><Enter>
Edit Properties of selected Tracks <Shift><Enter>
Advance Track in Property Editor <Alt><Right arrow>
Previous Track in Property Editor <Alt><Left arrow>
Delete Selected Tracks (recycle bin) <Delete>
Permanently Delete Selected Tracks <Shift><Delete>
Select First Track <Home>
Select Last Track <End>
Select All Tracks <Ctrl><a>
Search <Ctrl><f> or <F3>
Auto-Tag from Amazon <Ctrl>-<l>
Auto-Tag from filename <Ctrl>-<q>
Auto-Organize <Ctrl>-<r>
Synchronize Tags <Ctrl>-<s>
Rip Audio CD <Shift><Ctrl><r>
Convert Audio Format <Shift><Ctrl><c>
Burn Audio CD <Shift><Ctrl><d>
Save Preview <Shift><Ctrl><p>
Previous node back <Alt><Left>
Previous node forward <Alt><Right>
Resize Columns <Ctrl><Numpad+>
Refresh View <F5>
Refresh play order to match sort order (in Playlist nodes) <Alt><F5> or <Ctrl><Alt><F5>
Show Now Playing node <F6>
Show Library node (collapsed) <F7> or <Alt><Home>
Show Artists node <F8>
Show Albums node <F9>
Show Genre node <F10>
Show Year node <F11>
View Album Art (toggle) <Ctrl><Alt><a>
View Properties editor (toggle) <Ctrl><Alt><p>
View Player (toggle) <Ctrl><Alt><l>
View Now Playing dialog (toggle) <Ctrl><Alt><n>
View Visualization (toggle) <Ctrl><Alt><v>
View Equalizer (toggle) <Ctrl><Alt><e>
Switch to Party Mode (toggle) <Ctrl><Alt><m>

Mouse Gestures

When the application is minimized, you can still control the player by performing 'Mouse gestures' over the system tray icon:

Restore application Double-click icon
Play / Pause Click icon
Previous Track Drag left on icon
Next Track Drag right on icon
Volume Up Drag up on icon
Volume Down Drag down on icon

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