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Get the Device Recognized

  1. Start MediaMonkey and plug in the device. MediaMonkey should automatically recognize the device using the WMDM plugin.
  2. Go to Tools > Options > Portable/Audio Devices, and verify that your device appears. If your device doesn't show up in the list, try restarting MediaMonkey. If this still fails, try using the Generic Portable/Audio Device plug-in instead.

Configure the Device

  1. In Tools > Options > Portable/Audio Devices, select the device (make sure that it is checked), and press 'Configure'.
  2. In the Device Configuration tab, you can usually leave the defaults as is, but in case of synchronization problems try:
    1. In Windows Explorer, check where Tracks are stored on the device. Change 'Sync Tracks to:' to the same location. See: Configuring Directory and Filename Formats.
    2. In Windows Explorer, check where Playlists are stored on the device. Change the Playlist options to match this location.

Note that this option is only useful for devices that do not have their own databases with Playlist support. By enabling this option, playlist files are copied to a specified directory on the device for each Artist / Album / Playlist that is synched so that you can play any set of tracks by playing the playlist. Note that some devices do not support .m3u playlists.

  1. Try enabling 'Save all Album Art to track tags' OR 'Save all Album Art to track folders', if Album Art doesn't sync correctly.
  2. In the Auto-sync Options tab, enable 'Delete Tracks that aren't on the Auto-sync List' and 'Confirm deletion'
    With these enabled, whenever you Auto-sync, you'll be given the option of deleting Audio tracks that aren't on the Auto-sync list.
  3. In the Auto-sync List tab, choose which Tracks to sync.
  4. In the Auto-Conversion tab, choose whether to convert Tracks to MP3 and automatically level the volume of tracks for playback on the device.

Auto-Sync your Tracks

  1. Set the mode of the Synchronize button on the toolbar to 'Auto-Synchronize', and if multiple devices exist, choose your device using the small button adjacent to the Synchronize button.
  2. Connect your device to your PC and click the Synchronize button. After a bit of time, you should be asked whether to delete Tracks from the device. Go ahead and delete them (they'll be resynched from the PC).

Tracks will sync to the device per your configuration.

Manually Sync your Tracks

If you want to do a one-time manual sync of set of Tracks:

  1. Select a Playlist, AutoPlaylist or a group of tracks and drag them onto the Device node or onto the Device button.
    • or Select the tracks you wish to sync and right-click Send to > iPod Device.
    • or From the Now Playing Dialog, click Copy > Copy to Portable Device.
  2. Or, if you plan on always synchronizing in this manner, set the mode of the Synchronize button on the toolbar to 'Synchronize Selected'. Then Select a Playlist, AutoPlaylist, or group of Tracks and click the Synchronize button.

The selected Tracks and Playlists will sync to the device per per your configuration.

Copying Tracks Manually

To simply copy tracks to a device without using synchronization functionality, use the Send To > Folder (My Computer) option that is available when right-clicking any Track. This will only work for USB Mass Storage devices.

Disconnecting the Device

MTP devices can be unplugged as long as data isn't being actively transferred. If you wish to play it safe, or if you're using a USB Mass Storage device, MediaMonkey can be configured to automatically close the connection to the PC after synchronization. If this feature isn't enabled, then right-click on the device and click 'Safely Remove Device'.

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