Can MediaMonkey help me find and delete duplicate tracks?

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MediaMonkey duplicate options

MM has native duplicate finding ability built into the "Files to Edit" node, which is located in the tree as a sub node of the "Library" node.

  1. The "Duplicate Titles" node will find and list tracks with the same title and artist.
  2. The "Duplicate content" node will analyze each file's audio content and compare it to other file's audio content in your library. For duplicate content to work, you must have the option ticked "Analyze tracks for duplicates (takes longer)" in the Library settings. Then when you do a rescan of the files a hash will be generated for each one, which is used for the check.

Both nodes will display all duplicates, so you'll have to delete the duplicates that you don't want to keep manually. Though time-consuming, it is the safest way to assure that you don't delete tracks that you actually wanted to keep.

You can enable "Analyze tracks for duplicates (takes longer)" under Tools > Options > Library

Script duplicate options

There are also scripts available to assist you in finding and deleting duplicates. Two popular options are:

  1. Advanced Duplicate find & fix by Bex and
  2. Duplicate Report by Trixmoto

For more information regarding these scripts (including how they work and how to download, install, and use them) you should consult the individual script thread (linked to above) as these scripts are updated often and any description of them listed here would not be complete. In general though, both scripts will make it easier to automate deleting a large number of duplicates.

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