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#Press '''Tools''' > '''Save Preview''' .
#Press '''Tools''' > '''Save Preview''' .
The previews will be visible in the [[Library|Previews]] node.
The previews will be visible in the [[Library|Previews]] sub-node.

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Previews--short samples of your audio Tracks, can easily be created with MediaMonkey. They are useful if you:

  • Want to quickly sample the content of a CD
  • Want to show a large number of Tracks in your collection to someone else
  • Want to play 'Name That Tune'

To create a preview:

  1. If you haven't already, configure Previews at Tools > Options > Virtual CD & Previews .
  2. Select the Tracks for which you want to create Previews (if you have a very large collection, this is most easily done by Creating a Playlist).
  3. Press Tools > Save Preview .

The previews will be visible in the Previews sub-node.

[[::Creating Previews|English]]

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