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iPhone / iPod Touch / iPhone 3G
ManufacturerApple Inc.
      TypePhone; Portable media player
Storage Capacity iPhone4, 8, or 16 GB
Storage Capacity iPod Touch8, 16, or 32 GB

MediaMonkey compatibility

Compatible via the d_iphone.dll plugin, as of MediaMonkey version
iTunes must be installed for MediaMonkey to detect the device, but should not be used to synch Audio as this may result in Album Art mixups.

Firmware supported

All firmware versions up to 2.x.
Firmware 3.x is supported but you must install MediaMonkey 3.1.2 beta or later available on the forums.
Firmware 4.0 is supported as of MediaMonkey version 3.2.2

Specific Device Settings

  1. Follow the generic iTunes compatibility settings described here.
  2. In the device options, under the "Auto-sync Options" tab, ensure that *.mp4 is in the "Exclude folders" field to ensure that your videos are not removed from the device by MediaMonkey.
  3. Under the "Auto-Conversion" tab, don't check "Level volume when synchronizing". The iPhone/iPod touch can utilize analyzed volume levels with its built in "Soundcheck" function. Just be sure to analyze your library's track volume (Tools | Analyze Volume).
  4. In the "Device configuration tab, check "Use only the first Genre when multiple Genres exist" and "Use only the first value when multiple Artists / Composers exist" for maximum iPhone/iPod touch compatibility.