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CoClass SDBAlbumArtItem, Interface ISDBAlbumArtItem

Property Get/Let ItemType As Long

Property description

Item type identification according to ID3v2 specification, i.e.:

  • 0x00 Other
  • 0x01 32x32 pixels 'file icon' (PNG only)
  • 0x02 Other file icon
  • 0x03 Cover (front)
  • 0x04 Cover (back)
  • 0x05 Leaflet page
  • 0x06 Media (e.g. label side of CD)
  • 0x07 Lead artist/lead performer/soloist
  • 0x08 Artist/performer
  • 0x09 Conductor
  • 0x0A Band/Orchestra
  • 0x0B Composer
  • 0x0C Lyricist/text writer
  • 0x0D Recording Location
  • 0x0E During recording
  • 0x0F During performance
  • 0x10 Movie/video screen capture
  • 0x11 A bright coloured fish
  • 0x12 Illustration
  • 0x13 Band/artist logotype
  • 0x14 Publisher/Studio logotype