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CoClass SDBApplication, Interface ISDBApplication

Property Get PlaylistByTitle(Title As String) As ISDBPlaylist


Name Type Description
Title String Name of the playlist to get (use "" to get root of all playlists)

Property description

Retrieves SDBPlaylist object of the given playlist name. Probably most often used parameter is an empty string, the root (virtual) playlist node is returned then, you can use its ChildPlaylists property to get all the first level playlists.

Example code

Set Playlist = SDB.PlaylistByTitle( "")
Set list = Playlist.ChildPlaylists

For i=0 To list.count-1
  Set itm = list.Item(i)
  fout.WriteLine itm.Title & " (" & CStr(itm.ChildPlaylists.Count) & "/" & CStr( itm.Tracks.Count) & ")"