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Is called whenever a file download finishes.
Is called whenever a file download finishes.
Note: This event takes effect from MediaMonkey 4.0 and higher!
===Example code===                     
===Example code===                     

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CoClass SDBApplication, Interface ISDBApplicationEvents

Sub OnDownloadFinished(URL as String, Success as Boolean, ResponseCode as Long)


Name Type Description
URL String URL of file that has been just downloaded
Success Boolean Download was successful (true), Download has failed (false)
ResponseCode Long Returns -1 if user has cancelled the download otherwise returns HTTP status code (200 if OK, see http://www.iana.org/assignments/http-status-codes for complete list)

Event description

Is called whenever a file download finishes.

Introduced in MediaMonkey version 4.0.

Example code

Sub OnStartUp()    
    Script.RegisterEvent SDB, "OnDownloadFinished", "SDBDownloadFinished"
End Sub

Sub SDBDownloadFinished( URL, Success, ResponseCode)
    if Success then
      MsgBox("Download has finished successfuly for the URL:"&URL)
      MsgBox("Download has failed for the URL:"&URL&", ResponseCode = "&ResponseCode)
    end if  
End Sub