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Name Type Description
Index Long Added in MM version 4.1

Property description

Returns device handle so that device can be controlled by VB/JS script. If the device is disconnected or not handled by any device plugin, then returns -1

See example below:


Option Explicit
Dim UI  : Set UI = SDB.UI
Sub OnStartUp()
    Dim mnuTest
    Set mnuTest = SDB.UI.AddMenuItem(SDB.UI.Menu_Edit, 0, 0)
    mnuTest.Caption = SDB.Localize("Sync Now Playing to Galaxy Nexus")
    mnuTest.OnClickFunc = "SDBOnClick"
    mnuTest.UseScript = Script.ScriptPath    
End Sub
Sub SDBOnClick(Item)   
  Dim DeviceHandle : DeviceHandle = -1
  Dim Devices : Set Devices = SDB.Device.ActiveDeviceList("VID_04E8&PID_6860")
  Dim i : i = 0 
  For i = 0 To Devices.Count-1
	   If Devices.DeviceHandle(i) <> -1 Then
		   DeviceHandle = Devices.DeviceHandle(i)
	   End If
  SDB.Device.StartSynch DeviceHandle, SDB.Player.CurrentSongList
End Sub