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CoClass SDBSongData, Interface ISDBSongData

Property Get/Let SampleRate As Long

Property description

Scripting Object SDBSongData
Value Name SampleRate
Value Type Value
Database Table Songs
Field Name SamplingFrequency
Field Type Integer
Tracklist Column Sample Rate
Example Data 44100

Example Code

Complete script


  For iCounter = 0 to objSongList.count - 1                                    'SongLists
      Set objSongData = objSongList.Item(iCounter)
      ValueSampleRate = objSongData.SampleRate
      SDB.MessageBox "Value = '" &  ValueSampleRate & "'", mtError, Array(mbOK)    'SDB.MessageBox
' objSongData.SampleRate = ValueNewSampleRate 'Commented Out For Safety
' objSonglist.UpdateAll              'Commented Out For Safety                 'UpdateAll
                         Updates db and writes tags (if checked in options)
End Sub