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CoClass SDBUICommon, Interface ISDBUICommon

Sub DestroyControl

Method description

This method destroys a control, it will be removed from UI, you should no longer access properties and methods of its COM object, because it would result in errors.

Introduced in MediaMonkey version 3.0.

Apparently this is ONLY for use with browser controls as used in AMG Search script.

All other requirements for removal of controls should use something like this

Set Form1 = SDB.Objects("SyncTheSyncForm")
If Not (Form1 Is Nothing) Then
  Script.UnregisterEvents Form1
  Form1.Common.Visible = False
  Form1.Common.ControlName = ""
  Set Form1 = Nothing  
  Set SDB.Objects("SyncTheSyncForm") = Nothing
End If
  • Note: Form1.Common.ControlName = "" should not need to be used so will be fixed in version 3.1