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tip for changing file icons.

the old way will work even now. if you have an program where you can not get the icon you want from its folders.

then you can get it this way.

1. do a screen shot of your desktop.

2. open the photo editor of your choice.

3. make a new image in that editor set up the page to the size of 300 x 300 pixels paste the desktop screenshot on that page. adjust the size of the screenshot until the icon you want is the only thing on the image canvas now save that as an .bmp file at the 300 dpi which is the largest dpi the bmp files can handle.

4. close that image editor and open the ifranview program, if you don't have it then go to majorgeeks.com or other freeware site and download it. now once you have ifranview open you open your new bmp file in it. click image on the menu bar. go to resize and change the size of the bmp to 125 x 125 pixels, leaving it at the 300 dpi click okay. now go back and click on image on the menubar again. this time go down to the word sharpen click it, do that as many times as you want but not anymore then 2 times as any more will make it too sharp and add swirl lines to it.

5. now click on the word file on the menu bar, and on that drop down menu click on the words "Save As" now when the options window shows up click the arrow beside the file format you are to save it in and choose the " .ico " format now type the name you want for the icon and click save.

6. you now have the icon for the program you wanted.

7. now to change the file icons you want to use that on go to the folder options by going to the link for them. either in the system's control panel or by the tools link on the windows explore menu bar and open the panel.

8. once you have the options panel up click on the tab for file types.

9. scroll down the list to the file format you want to change, if it is not there then you will need to find the program that you use to play that file or use that file. each system is different so look around the buttons on that tab for how you would change the icon for the files for that format or that program.

You can mess up the program so don't click any button for okay until you know that you have only changed that icon.

now depending on what you did either the format or the program's files. you will get all of either to be that one icon.

if you want to change only that format and it is controled by a program then you need to remove that from the programs control and then add that format back in to the scroll list by adding a new format and then you can change only that formats icons.


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