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The Home Screen

The home screen is used to navigate content via a number of 'views'.  It can be customized via the 'Personalize' option to display only the 'views' that are relevant to you.

Mma home-screen.jpg Mma personalize.jpg

Note that when tracks are synced with MMW, views are assigned based on track 'Type'. If tracks aren't synced via MMW, then they are assigned to a view based on a combination of Genre (e.g. Genre=Podcast, Classical, Audiobook) and filetype (e.g. .m4b tracks are automatically assigned to the Audiobook view).

Populating the Library

The Library is populated either via Sync operations which directly update the MMA database, OR when MMA uses the Android media scanner to check for new/modified content.  In either case,  Options > Choose library folders determines which tracks appear within the library.

Filtering / Sorting

When navigating content, each view contains filters to view a subset of items within the view.  For instance, when selecting the Genre:Alternative, you can filter by Artist, Album, or just view all of the tracks.  Note that items are sorted alphabetically within these views.

Mma filter genre artist.jpg Mma filter genre album.jpg Mma filter-genre-tracks.jpg

In contrast, when an Album is selected, tracks are sorted by track number, but when Tracks is selected, they're sorted alphabetically by Title.  Similarly, Playlist display by play order and Podcasts display by date.

Mma album.jpg Mma album-tracks.jpg