Moving MM to a new computer

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If you want to move MM to a new computer but retain your database, follow these steps. If these steps are followed correctly, all information that is maintained by your database will be retained, including playcounts, dates added, playlists, and all other fields within MM.

Copying your database

Your database is located at:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\MediaMonkey


Windows Vista: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Mediamonkey

and is called MM.DB (note that you will have to enable viewing of hidden Files and Folders to find this file).

After installing MM on the new computer, put your database in the correct location (as noted above) on the new computer.

Moving your music to the new PC

Next, you'll have to move all the music from the old PC onto the new one, making sure that the file directory for each track stays the same as on the old PC (with the exception of drive letter, though that can remain the same.)

Installing the update drive-ID script

After you do all of that, install this script to your new PC. To install this script, first shut down MM. Next, copy the contents in the 'Code:' box at the link provided into notepad. Save the file as 'MM_HDDSerial.vbs' (without the quotes) in your C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Scripts folder. Next, within that same folder, find 'Scripts.ini'. Open this file with notepad and copy the following lines and paste them onto the end of the file, then save.

Copy these lines into Scripts.ini:

DisplayName=Move Device Content
Description=Corrects broken links after exchanged harddrive

Running the script

Now you're ready to run the script. Open MM and run the script at Tools -> Scripts. If you receive any errors or the script doesn't appear under Tools -> Scripts, check that you have installed the script correctly, and/or try restarting MM.

Running the script will change the drive-ID within the MediaMonkey database to recognize your new drive, and all your database information will be retained. If you can play your music from MM, and tracks do not 'grey out', then you have successfully moved your MM installation to a new computer.