Playing songs from mm3's track browser

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now in mm 3.0.3's track browser this is the only way i can get the right click context menu to show. again this is in the track browser not the list view area. enjoy it. roving cowboy / keith hall

step one. 1. load track browser and now playing playlist in the same dock area so they are side by side. 2. right click on the track browser's column that is closest to the now playing list, and change it to show titles. 3. hold control key down to select all the titles you want in the now playing playlist, when selected right click on them hold the mouse key down and drag the mouse over to the now playling list. let go of the mouse button you should get the context menu that you get when you right click on songs in the main list view. then you can click play now.

don't hold the control key down when dragging just hold the mouse button.