PodcastEpisodes table

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Name Value Type Possible Values Description
ID INTEGER AUTOINCREMENT (1 to inf.) Primary key
IDPodcast INTEGER ID Link to Podcasts table
IDTrack INTEGER -1(Not Downloaded),ID Link to Songs table
Downloaded INTEGER 0(Not Downloaded),1(Downloaded) Episode download status
title TEXT NYT: Health Update for 03/25/2008 From <item><title>. Also stored in ID3 Title tag.
autor TEXT Jane Brody of The New York Times From <item><author>. Also stored in ID3 Artist tag.
link TEXT From <item><link>. Infrequently used.
description TEXT Monitoring carbon monoxide levels in your bloodstream. From <item><description>. Also stored in ID3 Comment tag.
subtitle TEXT From <channel><subtitle>
summary TEXT From <channel><summary>
PubDate REAL 39528.0 Publication date. From <item><pubdate>
NetSource TEXT http://podcasts.nytimes.com/podcasts/2008/03/21/25healthupdate.mp3 From <item><guid>
keywords TEXT From <item><keywords>
category TEXT News From <item><category>