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Do I need MediaMonkey Gold to get podcasts?

No. All podcast features are included in the Standard version.

Does MediaMonkey support video podcasts

No. Only audio podcast episodes are supported. MM can neither download or play non-audio episodes.


Does MediaMonkey remember the point at which I was playing a podcast episode?

Yes. MM let's you pause and later resume podcasts and audio books.


Can I import subscriptions from another podcast client such as iTunes?

Yes. See How to migrate Podcasts into MediaMonkey

What are the gray subscriptions?

These are subscriptions which are not currently updated. They are also called "dead" subscriptions.

What causes dead subscriptions?

1. Unscrubscribe a feed and keep episodes.
2. Import podcast episodes that do not match existing subscription.
3. Change in podcast name by feed publisher.

How can I remove a dead subscription?

Unsubscribe the subscription and delete all episodes.

How can I revive a dead subscription?

Edit the subscription and enter the feed's URL.