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CoClass SDBDevice

Mainly for usage in device plug-ins for controling several aspects of portable device functionality.

ISDBDevice members

Name Type Description
ActiveDeviceList Property Get
AddDeviceNode Method
canEjectDevice Property Get
CreateDeviceNode Method
DeviceEject Method
DeviceIcon Property Get/Let
DeviceMenuIcon Property Get/Let
DeviceStart Method
DeviceStartEx Method
DeviceStop Method
DeviceThreadedEject Method
DriveLetterFree Property Get
FreeSpace Property Get
GetTrackIDSynchStatus Method
GetTrackSynchStatus Method
ChangeDeviceCaption Method
ChangeDeviceID Method
isPlaylistForSynch Property Get/Let
IsVisible Property Get
LockPlugin Method
RegisterTreeNode Method
ShowDeviceConfig Method
StartSynch Method
SynchTerminating Property Get
TotalSpace Property Get
UnlockPlugin Method
TerminateThreads Method From 4.0
GetDeviceProfileXML Method From 4.0.3